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Ocean Drive, South Beach

Miami Firsts

While many Canadians celebrated Queen Victoria’s birthday yesterday I was thinking about Miami.  Why Miami instead of this woman, a monarch, who reigned for almost 64 years?  (I wasn’t even thinking about Charles and Camilla who were both in town for the holiday.) Well, this first long weekend of the summer reminds me of another set […]

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Lemon? Check. Strawberry shortcake with meringue? Check. Chocolate mocha? Check!

Journey from here to 40

I don’t know how many times I’ve started this post only to put it aside because of one distraction or another.  At this moment, I’m sitting in a meeting area of the Royal Edwardian Sussex hotel in London.  Since my last post I’ve been in Toronto — plus points 6 hours north of Toronto — […]

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Royal Palace

Marvellous Madrid

I’d never been to Spain so I was looking forward to our trip to Madrid.  Spanish, after all, was the first foreign language I was exposed to as a girl. D and I arrived in Madrid during what seemed to be a heat wave.  The plains around the city were brown and dry leaving me to wonder […]

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Sky Team emergency travel kit

Sometimes it takes three

Three. That’s the number of times D and I passed through border control at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in 24 hours.  I think that this could only happen in France.  Here’s how… Air France currently operates only one flight daily from Paris to Toronto: flight AF356.  That flight usually leaves Paris around 2 pm CET and arrives […]

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Just a quick word

June.  Can you believe we’re already in June?  May felt like it flew by and, looking at my schedule for June, I’m fully prepared to grow wings this month.  The back and forth between Toronto and France is exhausting.  Literally.  I love travelling but the jet lag is a killer. D and I arrived in Paris […]

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Tip #82: How to avoid rude Parisians

The weather was unusually warm in Paris last week and it seemed like the entire city was outside.  The Champs Elysées was packed with happy tourists and relaxed Parisians basking in the sunshine.  I can understand why people travel to Paris in the springtime. What I don’t understand is travelling to Paris and leaving common […]

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From CDG to YYZ…and some other stuff too!

Jet lag is a b*tch! Seriously, jet lag is no joke.  I went to bed shortly after 11 pm ET on Tuesday night only to wake up at 5 am ET.  There I lay, wide awake, wondering how I was going to fall asleep.  I tried counting sheep.  Then, I started obsessing on the music for the […]

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Go west young man…

The title of today’s post was inspired by the Village People’s “Go West” that’s now bouncing around in my head.  This was then followed by thoughts of the quote (or paraphrase) “go west, young man”.  I decided to look up the quote to see who had written it.  Turns out there is some confusion surrounding […]

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