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After the first bite

Burger Wars: A Religious Experience?

My exile in Toronto has serious advantages, all of them food-related. First of these is my mother’s cooking.  The second, and perhaps most crucial advantage, is the quintessential summer staple: the hamburger. Sometime during the past year hamburgers became the must-eat item. Burger joints have opened up all across Toronto and greasy spoons are making […]

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Holy Chuck Burgers

My Latest Crave: Burger – Holy Chuck Burgers

When you’re away from home on an extended trip or vacation what food/meal do you crave? Before arriving in Toronto my biggest crave was for a good hamburger.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge burger eater but lately it seems that burgers are everywhere.  Some of my favourite food blogs and magazines are feeding […]

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Desperately Seeking Summer

Just how optimistic are you?  Are you a ‘the glass half full’ person and do you see the silver lining on every cloud? Do you retire your shoes and socks for flip-flops at the first sign of warm weather? Even if it means sporting your summer footwear with a heavy sweater or even a coat? […]

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Cheery cherry blossom

Picture this: cherry blossoms

I love cherry blossoms and their delicate sweet fragrance.  Despite the fact that I hate to get up-close-and-personal with bugs of any kind, I will gladly poke my nose into almost any flower. I do like to stop and smell the roses and the cherry blossoms. Sometimes you are just forced to stop…or to take […]

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Lemon? Check. Strawberry shortcake with meringue? Check. Chocolate mocha? Check!

Journey from here to 40

I don’t know how many times I’ve started this post only to put it aside because of one distraction or another.  At this moment, I’m sitting in a meeting area of the Royal Edwardian Sussex hotel in London.  Since my last post I’ve been in Toronto — plus points 6 hours north of Toronto — […]

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Getting organized: it’s visa time!

I am a planner. I like to plan things. I like making lists and organizing my stuff. The fact that I have lots of stuff and live in an apartment that’s about 200 sq ft smaller than my previous one bothers me.  The fact that I have only one closet in our apartment does drive […]

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Paris in the springtime

Today is my last full day in France.  I leave for Toronto tomorrow afternoon; D heads back to Coustellet before joining me in Toronto next week.  The only upside to travelling to Toronto on my own is that I will have a week to catch up with my family and friends before D arrives.  Initially, […]

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New year but same ol’ me

The Great White North. Toques, canoes, and Tim Horton. Yes my friends, my good friends, I’m in Canada.  Actually, I’m in Toronto being spoiled by my mother and trying to enjoy the winter weather! D and I celebrated le reveillon with his family in Coustellet.  This wasn’t my first Christmas in France so I knew […]

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Go west young man…

The title of today’s post was inspired by the Village People’s “Go West” that’s now bouncing around in my head.  This was then followed by thoughts of the quote (or paraphrase) “go west, young man”.  I decided to look up the quote to see who had written it.  Turns out there is some confusion surrounding […]

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My empire

D has taken to calling me Calamity Jane.  It sounds funny (in a cute way) with his French accent.  I chuckle… I think he should call me Bathrobe Girl.  I’ve been in my jammies and bathrobe since waking up, a little late I might add, at 9:15 this morning.  Had D not woken me up […]

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