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Take the top down

Spring fling in St Paul de Vence

Spring has taken her time to settle in here in Nice. Despite the psychotic periods of grey-then blue-then grey skies, I have been working hard at maintaining my sanity. D and I are working on a huge renovation project — we bought our first apartment in January — and most of my free time is […]

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In the pedestrian area of Baden-Baden

Good times in Baden-Baden

D and I were recently told that there isn’t anything to see or do in Baden-Baden.  After less than 24 hours here we can’t confirm the accuracy of that statement.  Besides, what does that even mean? There’s always something to do wherever you go; it’s just whether or not that something is for you. If […]

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Carnaval de Nice 2012

7 Cs of Nice

At some point last week I realized that my last 4 or 5 posts were about food or drink.  I do like to eat and pairing good food with good wine is just a part of my life.  Besides, I do like sharing with you the yummy foods and places to eat them.  In the […]

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Sunset of the Singel

Amsterdam is for lovers

There is a lot to love about Amsterdam.  It’s an easy city to get around.  The canals have you dreaming about cruising the afternoon away, rain or shine, with your honey. Her quaint streets and narrow houses invite you to look around.  (The fact that the Dutch seem to like to keep their windows free of […]

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Royal Palace

Marvellous Madrid

I’d never been to Spain so I was looking forward to our trip to Madrid.  Spanish, after all, was the first foreign language I was exposed to as a girl. D and I arrived in Madrid during what seemed to be a heat wave.  The plains around the city were brown and dry leaving me to wonder […]

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Stepping out…with my baby!

I’d been going a little stir-crazy here in Nice.  About two weeks ago I’m sure D was wondering what was going through my mind.  If he could read my mind he would have heard me saying things like “I need to do something” or “I’m going crazy here”.  Don’t get me wrong; I love it here […]

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Me, my shadow, and Paris made three!

Wednesday was a little anti-climatic after the events of Monday evening.  I went searching for inspiration.  Lucky for me I was in Paris, one of my favourite cities, and I had some free time on my hands.  Here’s a list of things I heard on Wednesday before heading south.    “You are a tableau, a work of […]

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