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Nice's la Grande Roue

Christmas Lights at Place Masséna

Christmas is my favourite holiday. As an expat in France, it’s the only time of the year where I’m guaranteed to go ‘home’ to Toronto and spend part of the holidays with my family. Before I head to the Great White North* a trip downtown to Place Masséna is warranted. After all, ever since D […]

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Carnaval de Nice 2012

7 Cs of Nice

At some point last week I realized that my last 4 or 5 posts were about food or drink.  I do like to eat and pairing good food with good wine is just a part of my life.  Besides, I do like sharing with you the yummy foods and places to eat them.  In the […]

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Nuts, I say

The year generally ends this way.  There’s always a project to complete or people to meet.  With that comes the prospect of getting away from Nice for a few days.  (This may not be a good thing where the weather is concerned, especially if leaving Nice means heading north to colder temperatures.) Our itinerary was […]

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Royal Palace

Marvellous Madrid

I’d never been to Spain so I was looking forward to our trip to Madrid.  Spanish, after all, was the first foreign language I was exposed to as a girl. D and I arrived in Madrid during what seemed to be a heat wave.  The plains around the city were brown and dry leaving me to wonder […]

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Planning a dinner in Franche-Comté

France is known for its culinary treasures.  Having recently been placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list (read here), it’s little wonder that cooking for French friends/family can be a daunting task.  Paul Bocuse may talk about quenelles or how to make chou pastry…  But what if you’re making dinner for your Franche-Comté relatives? What do […]

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