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The port

Nice Blue Skies

Summer happened even though I was too busy to enjoy it. With winter just around the corner the afternoon temperature in Nice hovers around 20°C in the afternoons. Still, the blue skies are there to be enjoyed! What’s the weather like where you are?

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Le grilled

Le Camion de Sophie

Le Camion de Sophie parks just down the street from our apartment. I was heading to the bakery as I wanted to pick up two mini quiches for dinner. So startled I was to see an ardoise (menu board) on the sidewalk where there usually is nothing but doggie poop I almost tripped over my feet. […]

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Nice's la Grande Roue

Christmas Lights at Place Masséna

Christmas is my favourite holiday. As an expat in France, it’s the only time of the year where I’m guaranteed to go ‘home’ to Toronto and spend part of the holidays with my family. Before I head to the Great White North* a trip downtown to Place Masséna is warranted. After all, ever since D […]

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View of the harbour in Villefranche-sur-Mer and the riviera

It’s been a while

Ça fait un bail, même des lustres, que je n’ai pas écrit dans mon blog. (It’s been ages since I last posted to my blog.) I haven’t written in a while because I needed to take care of a few things. First among these things was/is my health. I won’t bore you with the details […]

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A new typewriter to type my memoirs

Authentic style

It was on a recent trip downtown to run errands that I discovered Déco Authentique.  I oohed and ahhed outside the shop and brought new meaning to lèche-vitrine.  The pull from Déco Authentique was irresistible so I yielded, dragging D by the hand into the store. I immediately fell in love with the antique cinema […]

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Looking east along the Promenade

Making waves

D and I decided that we would take the time to head to the beach as often as we can. This would be our treat after a day in the office.  We weren’t so diligent last year mainly because we were on the road a lot. This year on rattrappe; we’re making up for lost […]

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Johnny Hallyday - Nice, FR

Rocking it with Johnny Hallyday

Summertime on the Côte d’Azur! Rosé wine.  Apéro on the terrace. Ice cream or gelato. And temperatures over 30°C.  So, what prompted me and D to wait (a really, really, really long time) with 9,000 other like-minded crazy Niçois in the AC-free Palais Nikaia? We were waiting for the one and only Johnny Hallyday. I don’t […]

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I get a little adrenaline rush every time I get to the marché at Cours Saleya. I don’t know what it is and this time of year the buzz is more pronounced.  Cours Saleya hums with the sounds of French mixing in with English, German, and Italian.  Natives and tourists alike wander past stalls, stopping […]

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Chapelle du Saint-Sépulcre de Nice

Picture this: Place Garibaldi

I pass through Place Garibaldi at least twice a week on my way to the market.  Smaller and less grand than Place Masséna, during the warmer months it is a bustling square where you can dine al fresco or people watch while sipping a cold drink.  On the weekends vendors invade the square with their antiques, […]

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Flowers in Cours Saleya

Picture This: Flowers

Today happened to be one of the few times I had my camera with me while at the market.  I marked this ‘occasion’ by snapping a quick photo of some of the lovely flowers for sale at Cours Saleya. My favourite flower is la pivoine (the peonie) but I do appreciate Mother Nature’s skill at […]

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