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What goes on as we move on

Of mice and men…

Yeah, now I’m getting all literary and channelling Robbie Burns.  Such is my life. My inspiration today is Robbie Burns’ poem “To A Mouse”.  I don’t feel mouse-like nor do I mean anyone harm nor does anyone mean to do me harm.  It’s just that for all the planning that can go into an event, such as […]

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The girl is back in town…

I feel like Dick Clark on American Bandstand and today I’m referring to Thin Lizzie’s “The Boys Are Back in Town”.  I’ve modified the title to suit my purpose — of course — and it’s bouncing around in my head.  (Because of a post I read earlier today, Thin Lizzie is competing with Sam & Dave’s “Hold […]

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The final countdown

D and I believe there’s a song for everything.  Well, one song has been bouncing around in my head for more than a week now.  I’m talking about The Final Countdown by Europe.  Yeah, you know the song I’m talking about.  It came out in ’86 I think and it’s got that keyboard riff.  I was […]

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Signed, sealed, delivered…well, almost delivered!

It was a hectic week last week for D and me.  I recovered from our race Monday evening sufficiently to enjoy the warm weather in Paris.  Yes, I went to Ladurée and treated myself to some yummy macarons.  (I have to say that more ‘research’ is needed but the rose petal macaron is just too […]

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Nice, watch out ’cause here we come!

The bags are packed…well, my bags are packed.  We have our route mapped out and a list of agencies in hand.  At this point, we haven’t really settled on where we want to plant roots for this stage of the game.  Do we want to be in Nice proper or do we want more bang […]

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Here comes the sun…

(Piglet, you have to know that I was thinking of you when I chose the title for today’s blog.  Yes, another song as inspiration!) Today, the sun decided to make an appearance.  Le papy and I went with D to the Avignon TGV station this morning.  By 8:30 am it was already 19 degrees.  Ah, […]

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This is the season of change. Actually, it’s been 5 months of change for me.  First, I decided to leave my job.  (Sure, they paid me to go but it was still my choice!)  Second, I decided to move to France with D.  (That was definitely my choice and the fulfillment of a dream.)  And […]

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What we need here is closure

The sale of my condo closed today at 3:15 pm.  This is cause for much celebration and if we had a bottle of champagne handy we would pop the cork and toast our future. The champagne will come.  Our celebration will take place on the weekend with les parents (D’s parents).  They are over the […]

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Paris, here I come!

Yesterday proved to be a long day.  This was completely unexpected.  The morning started well and the movers were on time.  By 2 pm yesterday everything had been loaded on the truck.  I spent most of the time sitting around or updating boxes.  I can tell you that it was certainly not an exciting task. […]

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It’s moving day

The day is finally here. I’m sitting at our former dining table — the sofa is wrapped like a huge Christmas present — and I have nothing to do.  Literally.  Nothing.  Okay, I could clean the bathrooms while I wait for the movers but I seriously do not have the energy for it.  Just the […]

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