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Nice's la Grande Roue

Christmas Lights at Place Masséna

Christmas is my favourite holiday. As an expat in France, it’s the only time of the year where I’m guaranteed to go ‘home’ to Toronto and spend part of the holidays with my family. Before I head to the Great White North* a trip downtown to Place Masséna is warranted. After all, ever since D […]

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Ferris Wheel in Nice at sunset

Cheese’d off

With my last weekend here in Nice seeming like a distant memory and Christmas only a couple of weeks away, what better way to combine Nice and Christmas than with a quick trip through le village de Noël in Place Massena.  D and I had braved the crowds at the markets in Metz and Mulhouse […]

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Living my (food) dream

When I got up this morning the sky was grey and thunder could be heard in the distance.  I wasn’t sure whether it had rained or was going to rain.  I hoped for the former as D and I needed to pop down to the market to get some food for lunch and dinner today.  […]

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Are they shooting at us?

D at work on the terrace This first week in Nice is slowly coming to an end.  Ahead, D and I have the weekend to deal with.  We decided that we wouldn’t do anything too strenuous or crazy because our furniture arrives on Monday.  We’ll need all our energy and our wits about us come […]

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How quickly things change

D and I left Paris by TGV for Avignon on Friday afternoon.  I have to tell you that I’ve always enjoyed taking the train.  Okay, maybe that’s not true.  I’ve always loved the idea of travelling by train and seeing how the landscape and communities change as you move from one part of the country to […]

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Saturday is market day

D is a morning person.  He regularly wakes up between 6 and 6:30 am every morning.  Without fail.  It would take an extremely late night to put him off his schedule and even then he’ll wake up at 7:30 am.  Me?  No such thing.  I’m a night owl but, since being with D, I’ve started […]

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T-minus 11

Yes, eleven days! I am a little psyched and a little worried.  Thank goodness my mom will be here tomorrow to help me pack.  I had to change my packing plans too.  I decided to work on the kitchen and get all the smaller items out of the way.  I figure that as I have […]

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