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Caresse avec ces mots

I *heart* shopping

“Love is in the air, every sight and every sound…” It’s been a while since I channelled a song for a post.  Love Is in the Air, by John Paul Young, has been bouncing around my head for the past few days.  It’s no wonder as our 1st wedding anniversary just a few days away […]

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Metro sign

The It Factor

Apparently I’ve got ‘it’.  That certain je ne sais quoi.  That certain indefinable ‘it’ that drives men crazy.  Yes, 65+ year-old Parisian men. On our last trip to Paris, while D attended his business meetings, I opted for a leisurely lunch at a bistro on avenue des Ternes before heading to Place de l’Étoile to […]

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Still celebrating the new year

Despite the delay at the airport on arriving in Paris on Monday, 2011 started beautifully.  The same was true for 2010. I don’t know how many of you plan or picture your year ahead but D and I started the habit of the year-in-preview in 2008.  We would look back at the good things that filled […]

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Vintage Rolls Royce and Johnny Depp on our Wedding Day

It was the perfect day.  No exaggeration.  Seriously, it was a great day.  The best day!  I just love it when a plan comes together and so it did on 25 Sep 2010.  The day before our wedding was a little rushed all because our plans for Thursday were hijacked.  We can’t control everything so we just […]

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Of mice and men…

Yeah, now I’m getting all literary and channelling Robbie Burns.  Such is my life. My inspiration today is Robbie Burns’ poem “To A Mouse”.  I don’t feel mouse-like nor do I mean anyone harm nor does anyone mean to do me harm.  It’s just that for all the planning that can go into an event, such as […]

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