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A time for firsts

I had to buy some moisturizer this evening.  While this may seem as a small item let me just say this: it was my first time seriously contemplating the moisturizers on the shelf.  And I felt like crying.  All this because my usual supplier (aka my mother) didn’t have my usual moisturizer at home when […]

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Living my (food) dream

When I got up this morning the sky was grey and thunder could be heard in the distance.  I wasn’t sure whether it had rained or was going to rain.  I hoped for the former as D and I needed to pop down to the market to get some food for lunch and dinner today.  […]

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Nice: blue skies and money trees

In the spirit of walking and getting out, D and I headed out again on Monday night.  We walked to the port again but this time we had the big camera with us.  Usually D allows me to “play” with this camera but he had ideas in mind.  I was relegated to being his assistant, […]

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All fruits ripe

With Jamaican Independence Day two days away — “my island in the sun” celebrates 48 years of independence on Friday — I figured I would throw out a little Jamaican saying to tell you how I’m doing.  “All fruits ripe” means everything is just great or all is good.  Yes, all fruits ripe: the sun is […]

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Trout, I know

D and I sat down for lunch in the summer kitchen with les parents yesterday afternoon.  While still warm outside, we have quite a few clouds hovering overhead.  (Piglet, do you have the sun there?)  Lunch was very good as usual; la mamie is a very good cook and even the simple meals are a […]

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