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After the first bite

Burger Wars: A Religious Experience?

My exile in Toronto has serious advantages, all of them food-related. First of these is my mother’s cooking.  The second, and perhaps most crucial advantage, is the quintessential summer staple: the hamburger. Sometime during the past year hamburgers became the must-eat item. Burger joints have opened up all across Toronto and greasy spoons are making […]

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Holy Chuck Burgers

My Latest Crave: Burger – Holy Chuck Burgers

When you’re away from home on an extended trip or vacation what food/meal do you crave? Before arriving in Toronto my biggest crave was for a good hamburger.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge burger eater but lately it seems that burgers are everywhere.  Some of my favourite food blogs and magazines are feeding […]

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Plate decoration

Dining in the 14th: Restaurant Monteleone

Business trips to Paris are always a lot of fun for me:  I get the trip without the business.  D’s schedule generally dictates in which arrondissement we stay and on our most recent stay we’d found a nice hotel in the 14th.  To my knowledge, there isn’t anything in this part of Paris.  At least, […]

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Le Charlot menu

Le Charlot

Its full name is Le Charlot “roi des coquillages“.  The Art Deco decor serves to highlight the restaurants speciality: shellfish.  Everywhere you look, everywhere your gaze stops there is a shell, a coquille, a little reminder that you are in a seafood restaurant. And it was by sheer luck that D and I stopped at […]

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The menu for the night

Lights. Sequins. Action!

One of my favourite memories from high school has to be the jazz choir, Shooting Stars.  The first year the jazz choir was created we sang, among other songs, a medley of jazz favorites — “life is a cabaret old chum, come to the cabaret!” I absolutely loved it!  We had coordinating outfits too: guys […]

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Chocolate 'flan' with vanilla ice cream

San Remo for lunch

Any reason to travel is a good one I say.  With D’s business partner in town we hit the road and crossed the border into Italy.  Our destination was San Remo.  Yes, we went to Italy for lunch! After our typical breakfast of coffee and pains au chocolat/croissants, the three of us into our rental […]

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FFF – Deal-icious at Brasserie L’Européen

By now you all know that I if I loved food more I would be a food-aholic.  Some may call it a sickness but I call it love.  It’s the reason I enjoy cooking.  I also use food to remember places and specific events.  In fact, at dinner on Tuesday night D and I were […]

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FFF – Dinner at Le Petit Champerret

I fell of the blog wagon while Mom was visiting and it took me some time to get back into my rhythm.  In fact, I was still feeling a little behind until yesterday when I reviewed some of the photos from our visit to Paris with Mom.  There was one thing on my list of things to share […]

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FFF – Food Frenzy Fridays

When I decided to write my own blog I knew that I would dedicate at least one day a week to talk about my favourite topic:  food!  Little did I know that my first posting on the topic would be a negative one.  Well, it’s a negative followed by a positive.  (I feel the need to […]

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