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Up in the air!


Mayday: the international radiotelegraph distress signal used by ships and aircrafts.  It’s origin?  (Venez) m’aider, French for (come) help me! Mayday is also one of my favourite programs on the Discovery Channel. If you’ve never watched an episode — I think I’ve seen them all — and if you’re not a fan of flying this […]

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The wheels, the bus and washing my hair

It has been one of those weeks.  You know what I’m talking about.  It feels like you’re on the brink of change and yet there’s something that’s just not right.  I feel like I’m walking a tightrope and, despite the fact that I continue to progress along the way, I know that one false move, […]

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One year later

This time last year, D and I were in Coustellet after spending a few days in Paris.  It was cold, cold, cold.  Spring was nowhere in sight and I was completely unprepared for the weather.  It did mean a mini shopping trip so it wasn’t all negative. We spent most of the month of May […]

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Changing on the fly

D and I are big Formula 1 fans.  One of the more exciting aspects to the races occur during tire changes and (until this season) refuelling.  It’s incredible, really, how quickly a pit crew can work.  It takes planning, preparation, and flexibility for a team to be successful. For me and D, it takes planning, preparation, […]

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Of mice and men…

Yeah, now I’m getting all literary and channelling Robbie Burns.  Such is my life. My inspiration today is Robbie Burns’ poem “To A Mouse”.  I don’t feel mouse-like nor do I mean anyone harm nor does anyone mean to do me harm.  It’s just that for all the planning that can go into an event, such as […]

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The girl is back in town…

I feel like Dick Clark on American Bandstand and today I’m referring to Thin Lizzie’s “The Boys Are Back in Town”.  I’ve modified the title to suit my purpose — of course — and it’s bouncing around in my head.  (Because of a post I read earlier today, Thin Lizzie is competing with Sam & Dave’s “Hold […]

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The final countdown

D and I believe there’s a song for everything.  Well, one song has been bouncing around in my head for more than a week now.  I’m talking about The Final Countdown by Europe.  Yeah, you know the song I’m talking about.  It came out in ’86 I think and it’s got that keyboard riff.  I was […]

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I ken nut bee buzz erd

D and I are back in Toronto and that means I get to speak English again.  So, with the English language in mind, today’s post is dedicated to a few English words that have found their way into everyday French.     1. cheez keck:  have you tried ordering cheese cake in France yet?  What a trip.  The […]

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How quickly things change

D and I left Paris by TGV for Avignon on Friday afternoon.  I have to tell you that I’ve always enjoyed taking the train.  Okay, maybe that’s not true.  I’ve always loved the idea of travelling by train and seeing how the landscape and communities change as you move from one part of the country to […]

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This is the season of change. Actually, it’s been 5 months of change for me.  First, I decided to leave my job.  (Sure, they paid me to go but it was still my choice!)  Second, I decided to move to France with D.  (That was definitely my choice and the fulfillment of a dream.)  And […]

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